French Tech Mentors in Vietnam

A cross border network is a real advantage when one is looking to tap a global market. This is where newcomers and entrepreneurs established in Vietnam can find a forum to share their experience and knowledge. Are you looking to settle here or have any questions about the local Tech scene and market? Get in touch with our mentors or drop us a line in our Contact section and we'll point you to the right person.


Sebastien Auligny - Investor and VP @ Gameloft

Sebastien is a tech entrepreneur and manager with 15 years of experience in video game industry, mobile software development and advertising. He is managing Gameloft studios in Southeast Asia and has opened the creative Agency for the Group. He is a member of EID Accelerator jury ( and has invested and is providing mentorship to several startups.


Jonathan M. Bardin - Tech Lead @ TINYpulse

Before joining TINYpulse as a Tech lead Jonhatan was CTO at Transcomos Techonologic Arts for three years. There, he oversaw technical and agile development as well as helped the company grow from 10 to 100 employee. Previously, he worked as a research engineer on several projects funded by the French and European government and has been a visiting scholar in the University of California Riverside and National Institute of Informatics (NII-Tokyo).

Nicolas Leymonerie

Nicolas Leymonerie - Coowner/founder @ Phuong Hoang Enix Co. LTD

Nicolas Leymonerie is a French expatriate in Vietnam since 2011. Before that he worked 3 years in the Video game industry in Paris and got a Master degree in Game Design. In Hanoi, he worked for two major IT companies, Vinagame and FPT software before founding his own company , Phuong Hoang Enix Co, LTD, and the Vietnamese chapter of the International Game Developers Association (community of 150-200 companies). He worked on about 20 game developments, a dozen of websites, 5 graphics production for videogames and he's now focusing on transmitting his knowledge. In 2016, he has created a training center in Dalat called l'Antenne which aims at teaching French language and digital creation but which has also for objective to be a hub for the French speaking community of enterpreneurs in the Lam Dong province. Nicolas uses both Vietnamese and English languages in his courses. He's also a permanent resident in Vietnam.

Tom Meyer

Tom Meyer - Founder & Director @ Ammstart LTD

Tom is a French Commercial Entrepreneur specialised since 15 years in transition management and multimodal logistics in Asia. Tom is one of the founding partners of Ammstart LTD (2014), having successively held the position of National Chief Representative for 4 companies in the transport industry (freight forwarding, 4PL supply chain management, heavy-lift transport design, relocation) & MBA International Commerce & Trade (ESC-Clermont France).


Truong Thi PHAM - Business Director @ Linagora Vietnam

Two nationalities, French and Vietnamese, Truong Thi studied "Programme de Formation d'Ingénieurs d'Excellence au Vietnam" (PFIEV) at Ho Chi Minh University of Technology before going to France for Engineering Degree at Telecom Bretagne and MSc in Marketing and Management at ESC Rennes. Since 2008, he works for the cooperation between France and Vietnam in ICT sector. Truong Thi lives today between the two countries to reach his mission to digitalize Vietnam with technology of France. Former associate at Officience, he is currently Business Director of Linagora Vietnam.